Protecting Australia's iconic national parks and gardens

Australia’s spectacular natural wonders and unique cultural heritage need advocates, defenders and allies to survive.

They need you.

Australia is home to over half a million living species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world.

While that might seem like a lot, the health of our planet is determined by this variety and diversity; each species relies on other species to survive. Lose too many, and the delicate balance is lost forever.

No one knows exactly where that tipping point lies. 

We do know that right now there are 1347 threatened plant species and 518 threatened animals in Australia. Findings from Australia’s Threatened Species Index, which combines data from almost 600 sites nationally, indicates in just two decades (1995 -2017) the population sizes of Australian threatened plants have decreased by almost three-quarters on average. Mammals have declined by about one-third, and birds have declined by about half, over the same period. 

Conservation work can make a difference to turn this trend around. 

Projects in need of support

Donating to the Parks Trust

Support special projects that make a real difference to protecting the future of our environment through a donation to the National Parks Conservation Trust. Your donation goes directly to supporting projects in the field with specialist teams that address areas of critical need in our national parks and gardens around Australia.

Together we’re making a difference

Thanks to the support of our donors and partners, we’re already making progress with a number of projects. Working together with with rangers, Indigenous communities, scientists, Traditional Owners, expert specialists and citizen scientists our projects are enabling a healthier environment for our future. Connect with us to hear about the exciting outcomes from these projects as they progress.


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