Protect one of the last unspoiled islands

Pulu Keeling National Park

Support ongoing conservation to protect the pristine Pulu Keeling National Park in the Indian Ocean.

Listed as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention, Pulu Keeling is an uninhabited coral atoll that plays a vital part in the stability of the Indian Ocean seabird populations.

It hosts 10 threatened animal species and is one of the few tropical islands that remain unaffected by feral cats and rats. The island is also the last remaining native forest in Cocos island group following widespread clearing of the southern atoll islands.

Protecting the island against the accidental introduction of exotic animals or diseases is critical.

Monitoring the surrounding coral reef to assess the threats from climate change, disease and coral bleaching is also essential.

Donate to this ongoing work and help keep this rare haven in pristine condition for wildlife.


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