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National Seed Bank

Support the National Seed Bank to uncover the germination secrets of native plants, and improve the capability of their volunteers

Collecting and storing seed in seed banks is one of the most powerful ways to combat the global decline of plant diversity, an insurance policy against extinction.

The National Seed Bank holds collections of Australian native plant species from all over the country. As well as the physical seed collections, storage and research facilities, the Seed Bank staff and its 30+ volunteers, provide expertise in seed banking practices, seed biology, seed research and ex situ conservation.

With increasing threats to native plants, more scientific research is needed to uncover natures secrets on how to bank, germinate and grow species. Understanding their responses to stress and change can enable wild populations to be restored.

Your donation will help support this important research as well as developing the volunteers who play a key role play in the seed banking process from seed collection in the field to storage in the vault.

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