Bring Extinct in the Wild Species Home

Christmas Island National Park

Support efforts to control the invasive Wolf Snake and establish a secure habitat for the return of Extinct in the Wild reptiles.

Using innovative research and technology, the staff at Christmas Island National Park are researching the best way to suppress invasive reptiles, providing safe conditions to return two Extinct in the Wild species, the Lister’s gecko and Blue-tailed skink to their native habitat.

The globally ground-breaking work will see the testing and development of eDNA techniques to discover Wolf snake habits and will utilise novel pheromone lure and trapping methods to control and suppress the snakes, forming a crucial cornerstone of a worldwide conservation effort to suppress invasive reptiles.

Learn more about this project and follow its progress here

Help to suppress invasive Wolf snakes on Christmas Island so that they no longer pose a threat to native species, including the Extinct in the Wild reptiles ready to return home.

Your generosity supports this critical work to protect the endangered Lister’s gecko and Blue-tailed skink.


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