Conservation projects

Let's change the future together

Uluru mala

Imagine the global impact if every one of us invested in even just one action to change the future.

The Parks Trust is building a network of opportunity for people who want to actively contribute to conservation solutions before it's too late.

You can get involved by supporting unique, specific projects in the field which are posted on our website when that project is active.

You can also contribute to the critical ongoing conservation that is undertaken on each park.

When you donate to a Parks Trust project, your dollars go directly to your selected unique or ongoing project. We keep you informed of the challenges, the successes and the outcomes of your investment.

The needs are very real and your impact is very powerful – every dollar makes a difference.

Thank you for your support. We are inspired by your passion.

Unique projects

New conservation projects that protect the future for Australia's plants, animals and cultural heritage will be posted here.

Connect with us so you are among the first to know when a new project is launched.

Ongoing conservation

Every national park has particular conservation challenges which require ongoing work and resources if threats are to be contained or eliminated.

Please consider contributing to these essential activities and demonstrating your support for in-the-field work by the rangers through your one-time or recurring donation to the park of your choice.

Projects in need of your support

Uluru fat tailed antechinus
Change for change

Support the work of the National Parks Conservation Trust and help change the future for Australia’s plants, animals and cultural heritage.

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Christmas island bird rehab
A safe shelter for baby birds

Support injured and orphaned birds at the Christmas Island National Park seabird rehabilitation facility.

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Kakadu nourlangie rock art
Conserve ancient art and culture

Support Indigenous rangers to maintain and conserve ancient rock art at Kakadu National Park.

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Norfolk island nursery
Diversity is key

Contribute to restoring biodiverse habitats through the replanting of native forests at Norfolk Island National Park.

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Pulu keeling baby boobies
Protect one of the last unspoiled islands

Support ongoing conservation to protect the pristine Pulu Keeling National Park in the Indian Ocean.

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Ashmore reef
Safe for babies

A sanctuary for over 100,000 migratory birds and turtles is under threat. Help make it safe again.

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Anbg horticulturalists
Safeguard the future of threatened Australian plants

Support the Australian National Botanic Gardens to look after our threatened (and most at risk) native plant species.

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Booderee eastern quoll
Support native mammals to establish new homes

Contribute to monitoring and protecting Eastern quolls and other threatened species at Booderee National Park.

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Uluru lizard tjakura
Understanding and protecting the Great desert skink

Support ongoing tracking and monitoring activities to protect the Great desert skink (Tjakura) in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

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