Seed the Future Auction

Seed the Future and the National Seed Bank

The Seed the Future Online Auction was officially launched at the Australian National Botanic Gardens by National Seed Bank Champion, Costa Georgiadis on 12 May 2021 and ran until the 23 May 2021.

The aim of the auction was to raise awareness the National Seed Bank and funds for the purchase of much needed specialist equipment, investment in research, and support for the volunteers who underpin significant activity for the seed scientists. Over 34 volunteers help at the National Seed Bank, assisting with field collection, cleaning, assessing, packaging, databasing and imaging seed collections.

Items available through the auction included specialist equipment, garden experiences and framed seed microscope images. The framed microscope seed images created and donated by volunteers were very popular.

The National Parks Conservation Trust worked closely with the National Seed Bank team to assist in the delivery of Seed the Future online auction. From advocacy and auction logistics to launch event management, it was a pleasure to support this activity that successfully attracted donations for the equipment and research required. A special feature of the launch event included a display showcasing the seed banking steps, with demonstrations from the National Seed Bank team and volunteers. 

Our thanks to National Seed Bank Champion, Costa Georgiadis, our generous supporters and businesses who donated items to the auction in support of the National Seed Bank: Thermoline Scientific, Botanical Bookshop, Jindii Eco Spa, Pollen, and Underground Spirits Canberra.

A total of $665,000 has been raised through the Seed the Future campaign, providing a significant boost to the capacity of the new National Seed Bank, with over $65,000 of this being raised via the online auction.

Together we have made a difference to protect our native plant species.


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