Bequest Policy

The National Parks Conservation Trust is honoured to accept bequests from people who wish to support, beyond their lifetime, the mission, purpose and goals of their chosen Commonwealth Park, Garden or the NPCT generally.


The purpose of this policy is to regulate bequest acceptance and provide a clear framework for the management and distribution of bequests.

The policy recognises the sensitivity of managing bequests and the importance of good governance and fiscal management to support the operations of the Commonwealth Parks, Gardens or the NPCT towards which bequests are designated.

This policy applies to the ANBG Everlasting Circle bequest program and other bequest programs established by the NPCT over time.

Bequest Authority and Management

The Trustees and Trust Representatives have the authority to manage and direct the allocation of bequeathed funds on behalf of Commonwealth Parks, Gardens and the NPCT.

The Trustees have the fiscal responsibility for ensuring received bequests are managed in accordance with recognised principles of endowment fund management whereby capital is retained and investment income is used for expenditure, to support priority projects over time.

Where a bequest stipulates that funds be expended rather than invested, the Trustee Representatives shall communicate with the Bequestor or Executor of the Estate to determine if the intent of the bequest can be honoured.

The Trustees and Trust Representatives are responsible on behalf of the NPCT, for respecting the memory and generosity of Bequestors through appropriate stewardship and contact with Bequestors and family as appropriate.

Capital, interest and expenditure will be audited annually and included in the NPCT Annual Report, in accordance with requirements of applicable federal legislation.

The NPCT and ANBG established the ANBG Everlasting Circle bequest program in March 2021. A gift to the ANBG Everlasting Circle is strictly designated to support purely ANBG projects.

Acceptance of Bequests

The Trustees and Trust Representatives give their undertaking to abide by the terms of each bequest that is accepted.

Bequests that specify a purpose considered to be unsuitable, unsustainable or otherwise beyond the scope of the designated Park, Garden or the NPCT are inappropriate for the NPCT to accept. The NPCT reserves the right to decline or return a bequest.

Advice for Bequestors

Prospective Bequestors are encouraged to discuss their wishes and plans with family members and involve them in the process of making their bequest.

The NPCT strongly recommends that prospective Bequestors seek the advice of independent legal and/or financial counsel in their bequest planning.

Unrestricted bequests are preferred because they provide flexibility to meet the greatest needs as they change over time.

The NPCT encourages anyone considering making a bequest to contact the Trust Representatives for a confidential discussion about their legacy wishes.


02 6250 9426 (Business Hours)


[email protected]


National Parks Conservation Trust
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The Trust Representatives report to the Trustees on the prospecting, realisation and implementation of bequests.

The Trust Representatives report to Bequestors and their families by distribution of the NPCT Annual Report.

Members of the ANBG Everlasting Circle receive an annual update on progress of projects being supported in the Gardens, and on the financial management of the Everlasting Fund.

The National Parks Conservation Trust is a registered charity with deductible gift recipient status. It reports annually to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and Register of Environmental Organisations.

Records Management

The Trust Representatives will ensure all bequest records are maintained accurately and in accordance with Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) [the Act], the Australian Privacy Principles [APP] in the Act, and the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Cth).


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