Crab cadets and student ranger program, CI


Crab Cadets and Student Ranger Program, Christmas Island (2021-2023).

This project supports the youth on Christmas Island to learn about the incredible biodiversity on their island and gain employment ready skills uniquely tailored to local opportunities.

Jointly delivered by the School and the National Park, the program is designed to provide the younger members of the island community with a lasting bond to their environment and employment ready skills uniquely tailored to local opportunities.

It will support school-wide Cadets Crabs (younger students) and Student Rangers (older students) to undertake outdoor, nature-based learning, with opportunities for older students to participate in ranger and tour guide activities, park-based programs or park internships. In addition to hands-on learning, older students can also complete formal units that count towards the WA Certificate of Education (like Bush Rangers WA).

This program is an important contributor to diversify the local economy. The intention is for the program to be ongoing following the three year period, provided the program evaluation is positive.

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You can learn more about this project and follow its progress via our news stories:

Project partners

Thank you to our project partners, who together have made this junior ranger program possible.

How can you help

Additional funding is required to cover specialist resources and material costs to deliver the program over three years.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in supporting this program to make a difference for the youth on Christmas Island.


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