A safe shelter for baby birds

Christmas Island National Park

Support injured and orphaned birds at the Christmas Island National Park seabird rehabilitation facility.

The facility was hastily built with community donations after a cyclone and is the only one of its kind on Christmas Island. The threats to baby birds continues with new chicks being admitted every week. Some have fallen out of nests or have been found floating on the water too weak to fly. Some return to the wild in just a few days while others, such as Abbott’s booby chicks, are longer term residents for months before they are strong enough to live alone.

Your donation helps provide materials and food to continue this important work and improve the facility over time.

$120 will feed 8 baby birds for the week in fish

$750 will restore an Abbott’s booby chick ready for release

$10,000 will allow modest repairs to the centre

Our goal is to raise $10,000 by 30 September to support a modest refurb of the facility– the team can then make some improvements before peak season starts in November when the Abbott’s booby chicks seem most susceptible to falling out of nests.

Currently tracking at $2,290. Your impact is very powerful and every dollar makes a difference to care for these baby birds.


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