New teacher for the Junior Rangers

It’s a new school term and the Christmas Island Crab Cadets and Junior Rangers have their new teacher.

Recently appointed Lin Gaff is excited to be commencing this new program from term one and is already working with our partners, the Christmas Island National Park and Christmas Island District High School to bring the program to life.

Lin is a long-term Christmas Island resident, with a deep knowledge of Christmas Island’s natural environment and understanding of the island’s culture. She has previously worked for both the Christmas Island District High School and Christmas Island National Parks and has been active in a wide range of roles in sustainability and conservation on Christmas Island.

Lin has taught students at the Christmas Island District High School since 2006, from Kindergarten through to Year 12, and shared some of her approach to teaching with us.

“I believe students learn best when they feel safe, engaged and included. I like to encourage students to think critically, creatively, and to explore their natural curiosity. I want students to become active citizens, who are conscious in their use of resources, and minimise their impact by reducing and carefully managing their waste. It is important to foster this sustainability focus by offering authentic learning opportunities that allow students to engage in real-life projects that align with the curriculum to meet multiple learning outcomes”.

 Lin Gaff. Credit: Parks Australia. 

Lin is an active supporter of environmental activities on the island; field surveying with the National Park staff, walking with the local hiking group Christmas Island National Parks and working as a tourism operator guiding snorkelling and diving tours, and interpreting underwater wonders.

As a member of the Christmas Island Community Consultative Group, established by Christmas Island National Parks in 2020, Lin has developed a good working relationship with the Parks staff and is also a member of the Sustainability Committee at Christmas Island District High School. In her role as Chairperson for Island Care, Lin has initiated and managed a number of conservation activities in conjunction with the school, such as Red Crab protection and awareness; Smith Point rehabilitation and the Greta Beach Marine Debris Survey.

She likes getting ‘hands on’ as well and has worked on numerous beach and island clean-ups.

With a background like this, Lin will be a fantastic asset to the Christmas Island Crab Cadet and Junior Rangers initiative and we are looking forward to sharing news of her first classes – with the Christmas Island school term getting underway on 1st February 2022.


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